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Speck Presidio Clear Case for iPhone

When the iPhone first came out, I was astonished at the cost of entry. $400 dollars for a cellphone seemed crazy to me; especially when I was used to paying no more than $99 for a decent flip phone. I held back on the original release thinking I didn't really need an iPhone, but alas, I succumbed to hype when the iPhone 3G hit the market. The cost of iPhones have steadily risen and recently hit the $1,000 mark with the iPhone X (ex, or ten, I'm not really sure).

The iPhone 3G was mostly plastic with a nice glass screen. It wasn't until I had the iPhone 4 when I realized, "I should probably get a case for this thing." When did I finally have this revelation? Yep, right after the the glass shattered after a relatively short fall to the floor.

51p885hmK7L.SL1000 Today, I have the new iPhone 8 Plus and it also is (practically) surrounded in beautiful (and breakable) glass. I ordered a case as soon as I could. That case is the Speck Presidio case for iPhone.

Specs and Marketing

Here is some marketing speak from Speck along with my own commentary.

To ensure that presidio clear offers the ultimate protection for your iPhone, it has been dropped from a height of 8 feet multiple times by a third-party laboratory.

Eight feet is pretty respectable and, hey, it was tested by a third-party "laboratory." I'm not going to test this feature but I will say that I've dropped mine on several occasions from the 2 - 3 feet mark without issue.

Impactium clear is a dynamic shock-absorbing material that absorbs and disperses force away from your iPhone

I'm not sure what that is or what it's made of, but it sounds important. It appears to be specific to Speck products and is currently trademarked by Samsonite IP Holdings. Sounds legit.

Impactium clear raised bezel guards screen from direct drops onto phone face and prevents Damage when lying flat.

There's that word again. Must be a really great substance. Anyway, the case does have a lip that protects both the face and the rear camera when laying flat on a table. Definitely a plus.

We’ve created the slimmest dual-layer case Speck has ever made, without sacrificing protection.

This is my first Speck case, so I can't attest to the claim, but this case is fairly slim. There are thicker cases out there. There are also slimmer cases.

Presidio clear’s materials resist turning yellow when exposed to UV light from the sun.

I have only had this case for a few weeks and it's been raining since October so I can't validate this claim. However, this is a fairly common marketing line for most clear cases and, for what it's worth, my previous case from another manufacturer never turned yellow in three years.

Serply's Take

The Speck Presidio clear case for iPhone is a decent case. Even from the short amount of time I've owned it, I can tell it's built to protect. The case is firm and fits like a glove; it's thin but not too thin and feels good in the hand. The holes cut out for the charging port, speakers and silent switch are accurately cut in their proper places. The only thing to note about the cutout for the silent switch is somewhat difficult to get at with larger fingers (I can't use my thumb and I have to jamb my index finger in there to switch it on/off... my pinky finger works pretty well however).

Would I recommend this case? Absolutely. At $25 - $30 it's a good investment to protect your new $700 - $1000 cellphone.