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TCL 40-inch Roku Smart LED TV

Once upon a time, buying a decent television meant two things; it was expensive and it required three of your friends to help get it from the backseat of your 1997 Honda Civic to the makeshift entertainment center made from a stack of cinder blocks and a plank of wood in your apartment. After all, your average 32-inch "flat screen" tube television weighed roughly 250lbs and was big and bulky. Thankfully, those days ended several years ago... at least the part about cost and weight.

No, decent TVs today are quite affordable and can usually be installed by two, even one, person depending on the size. The TCL 40-inch Roku Smart LED TV weighs a mere 15lbs. Light enough to hoist it up on your new TV wall mount all by yourself. While the TCL 40-inch Roku LED TV might not be the absolute best-in-class television, it has a pretty good picture quality and is packed with a lot of useful features and capabilities that make it a real bargain.

If you're not familiar with Roku, think Apple TV with a lot more freedom. You can stream content from all your favorite services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, Showtime & HBO as well as your own personal photos, videos and music on pretty much any device. Roku has 4,500+ streaming channels available! With that much content available for streaming, it's time to cut the cord and detach yourself from those expensive cable or satellite charges.

Here's another neat feature of the TCL Roku TVs; you can pause and rewind up to 30 minutes of live TV when using an antenna. Simply plug in any 16GB USB jump dive (or larger) during the setup process when scanning for channels and, viola! Pause and replay. Handy for those times when you need to take a potty break or when someone is constantly asking, "wait, what just happened?"

The TCL 40-inch Roku Smart LED TV is a great TV. We have two of them here at Serply (the 40-inch and the 32-inch TCL Roku TV) and they have been nothing short of awesome. Especially considering the price.